About Us

The Foundation was formed in memory of Tony Barnard, a very successful businessman who suffered a massive brain trauma and adapted to life as a disabled man for over twenty years. He endured several months of total blindness and learned how to cope in his dark world. This equipped him with the strategies to face life. Having lost the use of 50% of his body Tony never allowed the disability to constrain his desire to continue to network and support, encourage and help others

Who will benefit?

TBF exists to benefit children and adults who have suffered brain traumas through birth, injury, accident, virus or strokes. We will also support those born with a genetic disability leading to learning disabilities to be more independent and to have the opportunity to participate in the community in which they live. The foundation raises funds that can be distributed to open doors for some and take the pressure off others. None of the money raised will go to employ people.

Opportunities for all

Tony often made friends of those who found friendship a struggle. He understood what it was to have your confidence shattered and your world shrink through trauma. It is therefore a fitting way to remember Tony by seeking ways to encourage and support those who otherwise would struggle with developing their life skills. We seek to open doors for those with learning doifficulties, who may have had their opportunities to develop or enhance their life skills through lack of funds. We seek to enshrine Tony's 'can do' approach in our work and activities.


Mark Barnard

Mark Barnard

Together with his wife Jenny, Mark formed the Foundation in memory of his father Tony. Later they successfully applied for charitable status.

Jenny Barnard-Langston

Jenny Barnard-Langston

Former Brighton & Hove City Mayor, Jenny has supported people with learning disabilities for many years. The charity is a natural development of the work she has done in the community.

Sharon McDonnell

Sharon McDonnell

Sharon, a mother of two and a local businesswoman, is an active supporter of local charities. She brings enthusiasm, energy and ideas to the Board of Trustees.

Chris Bland

Chris Bland

Chris is Deputy Director of the Grace Eyre Foundation for people with learning disabilities. Chris offers professional insight to the Board of Trustees.

Vince Petrarca

Vince Petrarca

A local businessman, Vince is Chairman of the Trustees. He has spent time as a governor of a local 6th Form college and he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Trustees.

Stephen Spencer

Stephen Spencer

Stephen works in IT and new technologies. He has experience working as a volunteer with children with disabilities.

Our Work

Some examples of the work that the Foundation has done

  • Lego club

    Parents and carers have got together to provide a....

  • Power for Chloe!

    Chloe was born with cerebral palsy. As she has grown, her family.....

  • Danni's garden

    TBF raised £8,000 for Danni, who has cerebral palsy, to .....

How to Help

There are various ways in which you can get involved and help to raise funds for our work

1. Easyfundraising

is the easiest way to help raise money for The Tony Barnard Foundation! Over 2000 popular retailers are participating in this scheme such as M&S, Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, Comet, eBay or Vodafone, you can raise money as you shop. When you shop online or even when you research online you can be raising funds for TBF every time! When you shop the retailer will give TBF up to 15% of every purchase you make! No catch – no cost to you - it’s that simple!

Visit easyfundraising and sign up for free. Then use the links on the site to visit the retailer you want to shop with. Everything from high street retailers to insurance firms to holiday companies.

Sign up to EasyFunding

2. Raise funds for free

The FREE FUNDS page on Easyfundraising lets you raise OVER £250 for us without spending a penny! The featured retailers will make free donations just for using their service, participating in free trials or even simply registering on their site! eBay offer a £4.50 donation when you register and place just one bid (it doesn't even have to be a winning bid!). The National Lottery will pay us £2 just for registering on their site and playing Lotto online for the first time! LOVEFiLM offer a £5 donation when you sign up for a 14 day free trial of their dvd rental service. Please encourage your friends and family to sign up too and raise even more money for TBF!

Sign up to EasyFunding

3. Easysearch

If you are you one of the 6.4m people that use a search engine every day then you could be raising money for TBF while you search. Easysearch.org.uk combines the results of several search engines including Yahoo!, Bing and Ask to ensure you not only find what you’re looking for but EVERY TIME you search, 50% of the advertisers fee is donated to TBF. Search just 15 times a day and you can raise around £25 a year for us.

Use Easysearch

4. Collect used stamps

TBF will be paid £3 per kg for used stamps. This seems like a lot of stamps but if as many as possible participate the stamps will soon mount up! We are giving you the opportunity to recycle your used stamps for cash to benefit the charity. Just tear off the stamp from the envelope — no need to trim — and place them in an envelope/bag for us. Just a few seconds of your time.

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Robb runs for Rufus

Robb Banks ran half the South Downs way from Shoreham to Eastbourne to raise funds for his son Rufus, who is autistic and has very specific sensory needs.

The family are creating a safe sensory garden for him, incorporating many of the things he likes most - water tall grass and a calming area, supported by the Tony Barnard Foundation.

Robb ran 41 miles, with 7,000 feet of elevation on the South Downs way.

Malachi enjoys family
adventures in his chariot

Malachi’s parents approached TBF for funding to enable Malachi to share the family outdoor adventures. “Thank you so much for your help to purchase the beach wheelchair, it has completely changed our lives as a family. We call it the chariot! So far there is nowhere we haven’t been able to go. We have enjoyed adventures to the beach, through the snow, up hills, in woods and the muddiest walk ever!

These are things that we thought we would never be able to do again – the wheelchair is a real blessing.” Jenny Barnard-Langston, Chair of TBF Trustees said, “ we are a small charity, reliant totally on the fundraising efforts of our supporters. The freedom that Malachi now has to join in with the family outdoor adventures is a great example of enhancing the quality of life to the whole family.” A huge thank you to our supporters for making this possible for Malachi and his family.

Lego Club

Parents and carers have got together to provide a weekly Lego club for autistic children. The club offers a safe place for the children to socialise without pressure, a place to be understood, accepted and to make friends.

The club applied to TBF for a donation toward Lego mini figures. A Lego voucher provided the children with the opportunity to have a range of Lego for their club. They are pictured enjoying putting the pieces together!

NUTS Challenge

TBF supporters get behind their marathon man

Kevin Gardner trained hard to run his very first Marathon to raise funds for children and adults with learning difficulties. Kevin fitted his training in between his job as a mechanic and his duties as husband and father!

TBF Trustees hosted a curry night to honour Kevin and to present him with the TBF charity fundraising award. Kevin, joined by his wife and parents commented “It was very hard work but it was a personal achievement that brought the added benefit of raising funds for TBF.” We are all very proud of you Kevin!

Power for Chloe!

Chloe was born with cerebral palsy. As she has grown, her family have found it increasingly difficult to push her around in her chair. Her parents successfully applied to TBF for funds to purchase a powered wheelchair for Chloe.

Brighton Pebbles holiday

Brighton Pebbles is a small parent led community group for disabled children and their families. Most of the children have severe or profound learning difficulties, autism and associated challenging behavior, requiring 1:1 full-time care. TBF provided funds for the Brighton Pebbles families to take a holiday to Malta

Danni's garden

TBF raised £8,000 for Danni, who has cerebral palsy, to have her family's garden redesigned to meet her needs and allow her the freedom to access it safely.



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